Smooth Move, Stay Regular During Travel With these Simple Tips

May 9, 2019

4 Ways to Support Smooth Digestive System

Without taking stool softeners.

Hip hip hooray!

There are many moments where we will find ourselves in a place of discomfort. And our physical bodies produce symptoms to signal that there’s something going on. We have all felt some type of pain response whether it be a stomach ache, a headache, a stubbed toe, period cramps, a laceration . . . you get my drift.

Digestive issues are present for most people these days. When the body is under certain amounts of stress from any number of factors, our digestive system is usually compromised. During a release of cortisol for example, the digestive system slows as blood and awareness is taken elsewhere in the body.

Hint: Cortisol is the one of the stress hormones that our body secretes when it feels under attack, when it thinks its in some type of danger. Another is Adrenaline.

And if we do not meet the stress with something to soothe the area of discomfort, then it may manifest as something more intense. If this cycle continues to repeat, over and over and over, then . . . something in your body begins to speak to you.

For example: Airline Travel, Car Travel, Train Travel

It can be very agitating to the nervous system, especially for some individuals with sensory sensitivity.

The dryness of the air in flight causes dehydration in the body and that why its extremely important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the travel day.

Warm liquids like water with or without lemon, herbal teas, and broths are best to keep the bodies tendency towards turning cold and dry.

In Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda there is a large emphasis on the bodies constitution. These modalities are always looking to balance the body from within. By looking at the root cause of the symptoms rather than the solely the symptoms themselves. These holistic remedies are simple enough to use on a daily basis as well.

By keeping your body warm, and nourished, from within, you can prevent future digestive turmoil. You can enjoy your travel experience, wherever your body takes you.


Keep the body warm and moist during the dry and cold experience of travel.

  1. Drink warm liquids-Think about which herbal teas are your favorite, make this enjoyable for you. Find pleasure in caring for yourself, for loving yourself. If you don’t have any tea, warm water is perfect, and usually close to free while traveling. Add citrus if you need some flavor, or cinnamon, cardamom, or fennel seeds for warmth and digestive support.

  2. Eat warm soupy foods- Think about cooked foods, soups, stews, lentils, broths, sautéed vegetables. Cooked food is gentler on your digestive system because it doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food. Bone broth is a nutrient dense liquid, mushroom is a vegan alternative. Treat your body with compassion instead of expecting it to perform for you while you are on the go.

  3. Move your body- Take a walk, stretch, breathe with intention. DO something to encourage the flow of energy in your body. When you are physically sitting still for hours at a time, stagnation occurs naturally. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have to, get up from your seat and walk around, rotate your ankles. If you can not move, breath through your body, expanding awareness into different areas of your self.

  4. Get Grounded- Be still. Take away external stimuli. Place feet on a natural surface. Be intentional around taking time to settle. Don’t expect yourself to move at the same pace all of the time. Allow your body ample time to relax and re-adjust to your new surroundings once you land. Continue to nourish yourself by staying well hydrated. Set yourself up for success.


The goal is to prevent drying out. Begin nourishing your body before you take-off.

Begin with warm liquids and foods, then make space to move your body, practice moments of mindful stillness, a few days before you leave for your trip. By weaving these practices into your daily life, they will become like second nature to you when you are away from home.


It helps to begin new ways of living and thinking while you are still at home in a comfortable environment. Include the support plan into your everyday life and see if anything happens. Start to notice how your body responds and reacts to different ways of living. Make observations to support your own unique self and your transformation process.

What daily habits help you thrive?

Which ones are actually hurting you?

Make little shifts over time towards living in optimum alignment with your truest self. How we care for ourselves, and our inner world is a direct reflection of how we care for the world around us. We want to find a way that is sustainable. A way that supports us in replenishing our reserves so that we are always present in a place of abundance, to give freely to the world around us. Finding this balance takes time, practice, and diligence, yet anyone can access their inner wisdom to live authentically.

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