Motherhood is Forever!

September 19, 2019

Motherhood is Forever!

At the beginning of my Prenatal Yoga  career, I taught to the best of my ability based on my training.

After I experienced pregnancy for the first time, a new layer of awareness was placed upon my entire operating system.

I taught from a place of embodiment, where I now had a visceral awareness of the sensation of pregnancy, labor and the fourth trimester.

Like most mamas, this personal metamorphosis showed me what was missing for me in the Prenatal Yoga realm and Prenatal Care in general.

It revealed what I was lacking personally in order to fully heal from the birth and postpartum experience.

Motherhood IS forever!!!! So to me, Prenatal Yoga and Self-Care are not just  practices to cultivate an optimum environment to grow and birth a human but, a time to experiment with and anchor into the ways of being that are soothing to your whole self. To your body, MIND, and Spirit independent of your baby.

That’s a whole lot of words to say, “Find ways to support your nervous system because it’s going on a wild ride and your body may need some support to counteract all of the stressful moments that will arise when you least expect it.”

Motherhood/Fatherhood is initiation, no one told you?

So, how will you prepare yourself to walk through it well armed for success?

Are you pregnant?

Are you a new mom and struggling to find your way? Need some ideas?

Do you feel amputated from your self-care?

Does it seem like everyone around you has it figured out except for you? (don’t believe it…we are all struggling in our own ways)

I have often felt alone on my journey, but you don’t have to.

I am here to stand beside you and witness you in all of your beauty and all of your messy and everything in between.

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