Harmonia Perfume Oil


Inspired by the wisdom and the mysteries of the sacred feminine, this all-natural perfume oil allows the wearer to fully activate, embody and radiate their nurturing, soulful and creative Feminine essence. Harmonia invites you to Elevate your sense of sacred.

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Product Description

Harmonia is a 100% all-natural perfume oil, hand made in small batches by Marie, founder of Hi-End Hippie. Named after the Greek Goddess, Harmonia, who’s role was to oversee cosmic balance, Marie co-created a signature scent to awaken our sensual nature. And just like the namesake, this perfume oil represents our feminine sensual nature of harmony and peace. Elevate your sense of sacred by anointing your body with this divine scent. 

The scent formula for Harmonia was created especially for Hi-End Hippie by INARA, a perfume company based in NYC. When creating a signature scent, it was important for Marie to work with botanicals that she has an intimate relationship with like Rose Absolut and Tulsi (Holy Basil) which she grows in her herb garden. As well as other natural fragrances that she wears daily like Sandalwood and Vanilla. The addition of Black Pepper, Cardamom, Bergamot and Tonka create a “spicy florential” olfactive profile.

In stock

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