Yoga Offerings


The physical practice of yoga has long been known to be a valuable way to support longevity in the body. 

Due to the daily stressors that we face in the world, we need a physical practice to weave awareness through our body by connecting to our breath. 

I have developed a method of combining gentle yoga movements, therapeutic practices, with strengthening sequences to create a balanced experience in your body. 

My mission is to lead you towards inner harmony, to feel calm in your nervous system and alive in your body so you can to show up and live in a way that is sacred to you.
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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed to support your body during any phase of pregnancy, as well as to prepare  for labor, and the postpartum healing phase. 

We will focus on mindful breathing, conscious movement and strengthening sequences that help you align with your baby and deepen your self awareness. Prenatal Yoga is a nourishing space where your body's intuitive wisdom can empower you during your pregnancy and into motherhood. 

Each private session will be curated to support your body and our individual needs. One hour sessions available. 
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New/Full Moon Meditations

Bring awareness to the power that lives within you through mindful movement, breath, and sound while connecting to the current moon phase. 

Each week we will work with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, through intentional breathing practices, therapeutic movement, embracing the sound of our own voices and the crystal alchemy sound bowls.

 Aligning with the moon and the elements is a gentle way to connect more deeply with the natural world and our true nature.
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