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Yoga and energy sessions to elevate your wellbeing. 
Curated handmade items to inspire your heart.
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My wish is to help you reconnect with your own inner healer and remember your natural state of peace, joy, and abundance.

Hi! I'm Marie. 

Through my own personal healing journey, I've opened up to unconditional love, radical self-acceptance, and unbounded joy.

Hi End Hippie is my sharing of the wisdom, practices, and tools I've found to support these states, so you can welcome them in as well.

I feel honored to offer yoga, healing sessions, transformative retreats, and sacred physical products to support you on your healing path. 

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How we can work together


Virtual yoga offerings, both one-on-one and in group containers, to support the longevity of the body and how we handle the daily life stressors. 

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Energy Sessions

One-on-one sessions tailored to support the alignment of your body through using various tools, modalities, and intuitive wisdom.

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100% All-Natural Perfume Oil

Inspired by the wisdom and the mysteries of the sacred feminine, this all-natural perfume oil allows the wearer to fully activate, embody and radiate their nurturing, soulful and creative Feminine essence. Harmonia invites you to Elevate your sense of sacred.

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