About Hi End Hippie

My mission is to support women’s inner harmony and journey to wholeness.

I share the holistic wellness tools, modalities and experiential knowledge/intuitive wisdom that have supported my own path, such as bioenergetics, meditation, mindful breathing, movement, sound, earth medicine, plant medicine,  and shamanism.

Marie's Story

From the earliest age I can remember, I dealt with health and medical conditions...

From chronic fatigue, clinical depression, ADHD, PTSD, body injuries, food disorders, sexual traumas and countless breakdowns, my identity was that of “unwell” and I was convinced that my body was the enemy.

Although the system continuously offered me pills, I had a subtle yet deep knowing that there had to be a different way to curing myself and living my life. As I dug relentlessly into any alternative medicine and healing modality that could save me, my journey to health became a journey of spiritual awakening. I realized that each imbalance and trauma in my body revealed the depth of my unconscious, allowing me to uncover my gifts and align to my life’s mission.

Yoga was my first clue to awakening, the first entry-point to connecting with my emotional body and releasing trauma. Starting this path as a hatha yoga instructor, I then expanded my teachings to pre-natal yoga, bhakti, therapeutic and restorative, kids, stand up paddle yoga and yoga trance dance. When forced to stop teaching yoga in my mid-30’s, I discovered the worlds of sound healing, Hawaiian mysticism and Shamanism. Connecting deeply with the spiritual world of nature through sound, plants and the elements brought a profound sense of meaning and harmony into my life.

My journey to motherhood was a revelation to me. By deepening my ability to self-heal, fully love myself and connect with other women, I transformed my health and my life. Decades of experience in fashion, design, and retail taught me how to empower women through their outer worlds. However, reconciling with my emotional body, my femininity and my sexuality propelled me towards the path of supporting women’s inner journeys. My children have been my biggest teachers in this process. By continuously bringing light to my shadows, they have taught me unconditional love, radical self-acceptance and unbounded joy.

Thank you for being here. I'm honored to share with you from my heart. 

Please continue to look around. Make sure we are connected on Instagram. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about any of the offerings on this site.


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