Be in Your Heart

June 9, 2019

I’m not quite sure of the precise moment that the message came through, but at some point “BE IN YOUR HEART” became a constant mantra. It would drop into my consciousness without provocation. At first it arrived and I didn’t know what you do with it. I think it was in 2015 when I was at the height of my busyness as a mom, wife, yoga teacher. It came in whispers at first, just peppered here and there. And then is came in a silent yell,a daily reminder, a thought that kept running through my mind.

I didn’t know exactly what it meant. I kept it to myself. I tried it on for size.

I kept exploring what I thought it was to be in my heart.  It seemed like a really nice idea. To dwell in the space of the heart. To be present in the space of compassion and love. To be anchored in life from the pulse of creation, expansion and repose.

Sounded amazing.

The only thing was, the only thing was that it was an amazing thought, but felt like an impossible destination.

It felt like somewhere other than where I was at the moment. It was a possibility, but it was something that needed effort, time, energy, and money to get to. To achieve. If I was going to be in my heart, I was going to have to earn it. It was not something that was going to be given to me, was it?

It was something I was working towards, for surely it was going to cost me. Anything with that level of sacredness and value was worth more than I had in me at that moment.

Overtime, as I felt the message become me, I learned that the meaning of be in your heart shifts and changes just as much as we do.

I learned that it means something unique and different for everyone, for we each have our own heart space. We each take up space in our own way.

To be in your heart every moment of the day is to be in communication with your body. To be in constant alignment with your bodies needs, wants and desires. To be in your heart is to allow yourself to follow this guidance.

To be in your heart you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. Its simply a state of BEing.

For me it is coupled with the state of surrender.

Surrender into the unknown, surrender into the harmony that already exists in this moment independent of any need to be or do life in a specific way.

We all have a heart. We all have an electromagnetic field that we live within, thanks to our pulsing rhythmic heart beat. This is a place of deep knowing, understanding, healing and wisdom.

I love to be in my Heart, for this is my natural state of being, the one I was born into being. It is also the state I was taught to ignore as a child, young adult, adult, as it doesn’t pay the bills, and it doesn’t conform to any expectation.

Maybe today, in this present world with shifting consciousness it can serve a higher purpose.

Maybe if we all live from our heart space, we can first meet ourselves with a gentle compassion for who we are in this moment and next, meet each others hearts with the same peace and love.

I give myself permission. I give you permission.

May we all experience the beauty, the bliss of being in the sacred space of our hearts.

Mantra: “I soften into the nourishment of my breath as I breathe into my heart space. I can Be in My Heart. I am in my Heart. ”

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